The Perverted Shorts of Armando Munoz

Eek Entertainment is the production company birthed by the wonderfully sick, twisted, and perverse (these are compliments) Armando Munoz. Mainly creating short films of varying lengths, he pushes the boundaries in almost every second of every scene. You will be uncomfortable. You will hate that you keep watching. And you will grin like a dummy the entire time.


The Killer Krapper

Imagine, if you will, a low-budget John Watersesque short about a possessed toilet. One that gets a taste for blood. And… um… that’s it. That’s what the 8 minute short is. Not really anything that vibes with me, but it’s played plenty of festivals and even won some awards, so the audience for Killer Krappers exist!



A foam-faced Nosferatu stalks a woman at night, but he’s after more than blood. He’s there to tantalize, torment, disgust, and pervert her very soul! This black-and-white short stylistically reminds us of a time lost to the horror genre, but is no less funny and vulgar than any other of Munoz’s films. As I watched, a smirk crossed my face with each gag… and then I stopped smirking when I found myself eerily unnerved by the short, proving even a comedic horror-inspired short can be effective in the middle of the night.


The Terrible Old Tran

Probably my favorite of all of Munoz’s shorts, which isn’t surprising since the Lort knows I love it when bad, pervy things happen to men. This story follows three burglars who intend on robbing the home of a man who may or may not have a tentacle cock. A very 80’s midnight movie vibe with this one!


Panty Kill

A very Halloween-ish slasher short about a killer with a panty-covered face. The perv, at first, just seemingly wants to be a freak and rip up some chicks undies, but turns out he’s just as bloodthirsty as any other slasher. Oh, also, he has a nice cock. That’s a part of the story. Because of course it is.


Mime After Midnight

A woman misses her night bus home and then encounters a strange mime on the sidewalk. At first she indulges him, but when the mime takes her insults to heart, the short quickly dips its toes into comedic slasher territory. Fans of the love it/hate it VHS Viral segment, Dante the Great, will love this kooky horror tale.


Munoz is definitely a perverted filmmaker, but a talented one as well. Through gags and gross-outs, he creates visual art, and that’s so important in a genre climate when many people delve into the industry merely to make a quick buck, or forget that they are artists first before filmmakers.


Right now these shorts can be caught at selected festivals, and you can keep up with Munoz at and at

Horror Hunks Who Should Have Lived – pt 3!

There’s nothing worse than the death of a hard, hunky man, but sadly, in the horror realm, it’s an often occurrence. So let’s wander down memory lane together and remind ourselves of the hotties we’ve lost along the way.

NovakPiranha 3D: Adam Scott played a hunky nerd in Piranha, not a stretch as he’s played the cliché before, but it didn’t make his last minute exit any less unfortunate. And let’s face it, the shitty sequel Piranha 3DD could’ve used him to have some sort of saving grace.


Roger – Dawn of the Dead: Easy going, zombie apocalypse survivor Roger was part of a good team, but the world of the dead is a dangerous one. One little love bite on the leg sealed his fate, but even once those cards were dealt, Roger handled his situation like a real man, making us care for him all the more once he finally succumbed to the disease of the dead.


Captain SpekeWorld War Z: You’d be forgiven for not remembering him, but remembering the ‘body count’ hotties of horror movies is something I happen to excel at. And this bearded military stud is a great example of just how casually wasteful the genre is with its men.


Tommy RossCarrie: Oh, Tommy; the shaggy blonde with a good heart. Sue was lucky enough to have found such a guy in high school, because lord knows we all just found the losers, but his fate was sealed once he asked Carrie to prom. His death was not only sad, but surprising too when you consider what a great guy he’d been.


MichaelDawn of the Dead 2004: Well, it seems I unintentionally wound up with a lot of zombie bitten hunks this time around, but hey. Who’s complaining? Michael was daddy af and was a crazy perfect combo of brave, protective, capable, and smart.


Tom & TommyNight of the Living Dead 1968 & 1990: I can’t include one without adding the other, because honestly both incarnations were equally cute in the boy next door way. Black and White Tom was soft-spoken, rational, and had good arms, and In Color Tommy was an adorable, yet dumb, redneck. Too bad they both wound up crispy snacks for the living dead!

Eric – Evil Dead: Curiosity killed the cute nerdy type who decided to read from the Necronomicon. And damn, it killed him hard. Poor Eric seemed hellbent on surviving the ordeal there in the woods, but a hunk can only loose so much blood!


So there’s the third crop of dead hotties folks, and trust, I’ve already got another batch ready for another future post. Til then, shoot me you own favorite lost men of horror! Maybe they’ll be in a future memorial post!


Happy Anniversary- Simon Graves

Just two posts back, I mentioned a couple of short fiction tales I’d come across, both within the gay horror/queer fear subgenre. One was Happy Anniversary, a story by author Simon Graves, and it proved to be an eerie little shocker. Think a gay-orientated episode of The Twilight Zone!


Flash forward to just now, and Simon has announced he’s set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to bring this short story to life as a short film. Here’s a bit from his release to explain further:

“Hello, my name is Simon, and I’m a gay writer who needs your help to turn one of my short stories into a short film. This project means a lot to me personally and professionally.

Happy Anniversary tells the tale of a relationship that has been on the rocks for some time. Convinced his boyfriend is being unfaithful, Bo follows Elliot one night to get the answers he needs even if the truth might be more than he can bear. 

The story has been adapted to a short script with the help of David Gregory (Powder Burns, OLTL), and our script recently won for Best Screenplay at Outlantacon ‘s Film Fest! The next step is bringing the story to the screen. That’s where I need your help. After talking to a few production companies, we arrived at a modest budget to cover cast, crew, locations, etc. Currently I have half the money saved up but need help raising the other half. All funds raised will go toward production costs and creating the best short film we can!”


Some thank yous for contributions include crediting, HD copies of the film upon completion, and you can even become a character in one of Simon’s next works! However, the real reward will be the mere presence of MORE queer fear narratives out there, championing for our place within the horror genre! 

You can read the original short story here Happy Anniversary – Amazon (free for Kindle Unlimited users!) or buy the audible short (which is how I took in the story) and, if you believe this could be a great project, head on over to the funding page:

Horror Eleganza – Rodarte: Psychological Fashion and Horror


Rodarte is a fashion brand that make strike a note of familiarity with horror fans because of their involvement and collaboration with the costume design for the psychological thriller, Black Swan. However, the brand has hit notes of horror a few times before, including looks inspired by classic Gothic aesthetics and even modern J-Horror.

Upcoming from the sisters who head the brand, is not even fashion (though I doubt that ever stops anyway), but a film instead. Another psychological thriller entitled Woodshock, with Kirsten Dunst.


Not too much is known about the film, but the plot-line involves a “woman who falls deeper into paranoia after taking a deadly drug.” The film is slated for a 2017 release.


A Few Tales of Queer Fear

First off, sorry for the super light posting status that has continued on since last winter. Life threw me and the fiance several curveballs and, until recently, we’ve been playing catch up with everything. Thankfully, things are mellowing out for us and we’re getting back into the groove of… basic living?


Anywho, I’ve got two tales to mention, from a couple of gay horror authors that I’ve had the pleasure of reading before; Boys, Bears, & Scares runner Daniel Kelly and hunky author Simon Graves!

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The Walking Dead Has An Issue With It’s Queer Characters…

I waited until the finale to write this post, despite drafting most of it after this season’s Twice As Far, in which we saw Tara’s girlfriend and genuinely interesting secondary character, Denise, take an arrow through the head. I waited because I wanted to give the last two episodes, and the writers of the show, a chance to make this death worth something more than just another tally on the body count list.

They failed. So hard.


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Southwestern Screams – Horror in the Desert

I was born and raised a desert rat. Mostly living in Las Vegas, but spending plenty of summers in the high desert of southern Utah and the vast wasteland of California’s Mojave Desert. So I guess it’s not unusual that I have a soft spot for southwestern horrors in general.


Recently, I watched Southbound, a horror anthology set on those lonesome desert highways. And though it failed to live up to the high expectations the trailer set for me, it did refresh my love for those dusty horror flicks set within the American Southwest. So sure, it may still technically be winter in most parts of the US, but here in Phoenix we’re about to hit 90 degrees and I’m ready to revisit some of my favorite desert horrors.


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