Movies for Autumn’s End


I know I can’t be the only horror fan who watches my favorite movies in seasonal rotations! It makes revisiting movies so easy to have them on a yearly routine! And yes, I understand how geeky and OCD that makes me sound. Whatever. Here’s the movies I watch when the weather is crisp-to-cold, and when the frost first starts hitting and snow flurries begin to fall… Enjoy.

Sleepy Hollow 

Probably best watched in October, but I usually catch it in November (since there’s already so much to watch around Halloweentime). The dark, chilly setting is perfect for a night in away from the cold and it’s a film that still holds up today.


The Village

A lot of people hated this one, but I loved it. I thought the story was interesting, didn’t mind the twist, and loved the score and woodsy, autumnal setting.


You’re Next

You’d be forgiven for thinking this modern slasher was set during Thanksgiving, what with the sweatered family get-together and the cold woods, but it’s not. Still, it’s a great watch now that it’s much cooler outside, and a nice retreat from your insane family during the holidays.




This movie actually takes place around the long Thanksgiving weekend, but turns it on its head by showing the holiday as it’s sometimes spent by others; alone, away from family and friends, and without a feast! In the film, a young woman alone in her dorm must fight for her life when a gang of killers become hellbent on taking her life. The reasoning behind it all is chilling and the movie offers us a great final girl!


The Invitation

I debated on including this modern, slow-burning horror flick, but err-ed on the side of “I’ll do what I want.” Maybe it’s all the flowing wine or all the light “LA Autumn” cardigans in the film, or maybe even just the friendly dinner party that sets the tone, but I could easily add this cult thriller to my yearly rotation for fall.


The Strangers

More than even The Village, the horror community has always seemed split in two over this home invasion flick. Personally, I love it and found it terrifying. Enough so that it’s made my “scariest films” list as well. And as the patch of Carolina woods the film is set in scream “fall” more than they do “summer”, it’s one you could definitely light a fire to.



If you’re lucky enough to own the sometimes elusive DVD or even find a good download of the made-for-TV Dean Koontz movie, it would be a nice watch on a long November night when you know you’re going to be stuck home for hours. A Thanksgiving bloodbath sets the pace for this slow burning cat-and-mouse film that reminds you not all made-for-TV flicks are terrible. 


For a couple of mentions on films I haven’t seen yet, you could catch Blood Rage, which supposedly takes place around Turkey Day, or even youtube Home Sweet Home since it’s there in its entirety. Yes, the trailer pretty much screams “This is a terrible movie”, but sometimes those are the most enjoyable! …Right?

220px-Blood_Rage_FilmPoster download

Oh, and of course, Eli could also just hurry up with this…



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