Fab-Glam Slashers

Who can blame a killer for wanting to be a little fabulous and over-the-top!? There’s no horror rule book out there saying you’re limited to wearing a boring mask while hacking your way through victims! Just do you, honey!


Behold, a quick list of the most fabulous killer queens!

Kenny Hampson – Terror Train

2 DerekAndDavid

If you recall Kenny the slasher, you might wonder how he makes this list. Sure, you remember him slicing his way through train compartments, donning the Halloween masks of his victims, but anytime he wasn’t busy killing, he was cross-dressing as a fabulous magician’s assistant. Because obviously, if you need a disguise, you might as well go sequined with it.

Bobbi – Dressed to Kill

dressedtokill4 dressed_to_kill1

Bobbi was the noir-glam alter-ego of Dr. Robert Elliot. She was the bad-ass chick inside of him, fighting for release, and she had no patience for any basic bitches getting in her way! On the rare occasions she was able to take control, Bobbi enjoyed an all black ensemble that complimented her platinum blonde waves and silver straight razor.

Mary Mason – American Mary


Mary was always a beauty, but when the money started rolling in from her underground surgeries, she definitely changed into a different creature. Something more sensual, more confident, more fashionable… and more dangerous.

Abby Russell – Nurse 3D


It’s a real achievement when you can look just as beautiful in a sleek cocktail dress as you could in a tight nurse’s uniform as you could completely naked, covered in blood. Case in point, Nurse Abby.

Tiffany – Bride of Chucky

Chucky-and-Tiffany-bride-of-chucky-6220586-475-714 Tiffany-bride-of-chucky-29271932-800-600

When femme fatale Tiffany was killed and resurrected into the body of some dopey looking bridal doll by Chucky, the first thing she did was give herself a makeover and find some leather. Yes, the killer couple had plans to see through, but if you thought Tiff was going to achieve them as a brunette, you’d be dead wrong. Homegirl also tells it like it is about love, showing the world that even a cold-heart is a beating one.

My mother always said love was supposed set you free. But that’s not true, Chucky. I’ve been a prisoner of my love for you for a very long time.”

Leatherface – Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Texas_Chainsaw_Massacre_The_Next_Generation_poster tcmng_leatherface

Yeah, yeah, most of us didn’t like the movie, but there’s no denying how fab our favorite cannibal killer looked. Trading out his usual intimidating masculine features, Leatherface decided that then was the season for a softer, more feminine look. A little Texas trailer-trashy, to be sure, but still fairly wild and glam.

Dr. Frank N. Furter – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

RHPS-FrankSmockGloveL RockyHorror_Frank-006

Heels! Pearls! Leather! Make-up! As if there were any other queen to take the top stop on a list of fabulous killers. Mad 1950’s scientist meets punk rock drag queen, Frankie is simply everything! And, if we’re being honest, he speaks the most truths ever. “It’s not easy having a good time…”



One thought on “Fab-Glam Slashers

  1. Also worth runner up status is Colt Hawker in Visiting Hours, who at one point sheds all of his clothes and dolls himself up in Lee Grant’s make-up and all of her jewelry when he stalks her, just to prove that however she accessorizes, he can do better.


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