Book Review – Tamara


In 2005, a moderate-budget horror film called Tamara, written by Jeffrey Reddick, the mind begind the wildly successful Final Destination franchise, was released. With it’s classic horror scenario of “hell hath no fury like a bullied kid scorned”, it followed young witch Tamara as she exacted disturbing vengeance against her wrong-doers with little more than a mini-skirt and touch of the hand.

While maybe not a wild success by critical standards, it found its audience within the horror community, including those like myself who have always enjoyed a film that actually allows itself to be fun and campy rather than pretending it’s not.

But I’m not here to review the film. Rather, I’m here to review its story, now a decade later, told in longhand fiction.


The novel Tamara doesn’t stray very far from the film version, which isn’t surprising since Reddick is behind both (along with his co-author J.D. Matthews).

The novel reads swiftly enough, with the chapters easily flowing into each other, that you could finish this in a day or two if that’s your style. However, that smooth literary sailing did sometimes translate into subdued descriptions, making me feel as if certain bits were stuck on fast forward. I suppose that can be flipped though. On one hand I thought the backgrounds of the story’s bullies weren’t explored enough, but on the other I found myself not truly caring since you know early on those punks are dead in the water anyway.

The best bits of the novel come during Tamara’s acts of revenge. While the story is a classic tale of horror vengeance, the motions of it are exciting enough to compliment what could otherwise be just another book based off a tired plot. I don’t want to give any of the twisted acts away, but let’s just say that if Tamara and the Wishmaster ever met, they would definitely have a lot of fun together making bloody puns reality.

All in all, Tamara is a fun and often bloody read, especially for those who devour horror e-books like candy, and I look forward to seeing what Reddick has in store for us next.


Reddick’s novelization is available now on Amazon at and you can keep up with him on Twitter @JeffreyAReddick.


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