Gay Horror Short – 0 Feet Away


This gay thriller short-short takes inspiration from the realities us gay men… and “straight” men… encounter by using the social “hookup” app Grindr. From the normal to the weird to the just plain creepy, I can admit, as probably could any guy who’s used the app, that similar things have happened to me. I’ve just lived to tell about it.

The story follows young anygay Chase, home alone and “grinding”; an actual pastime for gay men these days. We watch him go through the process of taking nudes, flirting through text, and fishing for quality pictures, all in the hopes of landing a hot piece of meat for the night. It’s an embarrassing routine for us to watch him go through, but it’s accurate and just as embarrassing for any viewer who’s guilty of using the app themselves. Eventually, the story slips into psycho territory when Chase starts talking to a stranger who is eager to do anything besides reveal himself.

creepy-guy-meme-generator-second-date-i-deleted-your-grindr-e1bb30 tumblr_ndqgdkdzus1qekp8uo1_500

The effectiveness of the short will probably only resonate with gay men who use/have used the app. An average viewer will understand it all, but only those who have spent nights “grinding” will really be able to connect with the story. Having ignored friends invites out before in anticipation of maybe getting some dick, as Chase did, and having had my fair share of creepy conversations (a pictureless user once told me he worked with my Mom, knew her name and me…), I could definitely connect with the story.

So, if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare (you do), check it out! 0 Feet Away by Frank Fox @FranktheFox.


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