I Heart Horror in February

Though February is also Black History Month and Women in Horror Month, most of us first grew up with the notion of it being centered around all things lovey-dovey and romantic, thanks to Valentine’s Day.

But whether you love or hate the nearly inescapable holiday, there’s plenty of romance themed horror out there to keep us fright fiends happy, from twisted love stories to killer couples. So be mine and join me in remembering our favorite flicks for this time of year!


My Bloody Valentine – Clearly, the reigning Valentine’s Day horror flick, this holiday themed slasher follows a pick-ax wielding miner who besieges his hometown of Valentine Bluffs. Created from a tragedy decades ago, the mad miner is determined to make everyone in town remember the past. Unashamedly cheesy, it’s no wonder this is a fan favorite. The remake, My Bloody Valentine 3D, is a fun time too, but if we’re being honest, it was a horror best seen only on the big screen in “appreciable” 3D quality.

220px-My_bloody_valentineposter My Bloody Valentine 15

The Loved Ones – I didn’t care for this girl-kidnaps-boy torture story, but most everyone else does and I suppose that’s enough for an inclusion on this list. If anything, it might just make you remember that one kid you turned down at prom yourself. Or it might give you some ideas about the person that turned you down…


Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Stylish. Seductive. Scary. This take on the classic vampire story also comes with an all-star cast and award caliber costume and design. One of the rare horror films to not only make it to the Academy Awards, but to even win some nominations!

5964985_det i5aQCkBQlJwmtUOr8giDUCjgAan

Love Object – A slow, but deliciously strange and uncomfortable movie about a shy guy who begins a relationship with a life-sized sex doll. When a real girl comes into his life though, that relationship is tested and the consequences are disturbing to say the least.

MV5BMTI4MjY1ODA5Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjY2MzYyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_AL_ LOVE-OBJECT

High Tension – Most horror fans either love or hate this movie, mostly because of the “surprise” ending, and I side with those who loved it. The modern French slasher follows a young woman who survives a violent home invasion and must tail the killer in order to save the friend she so clearly desires. Love hurts, indeed.

switch_large ht1

Kiss the Girls – You can argue this isn’t really horror, but I disagree. A criminal thriller as well, but it follows a detective and woman caught in a fight against two sensual serial killers; one called The Gentleman Caller, the other Casanova. Oh, how romantic!


Bride of Chucky – In the mood for some blood and laughs? This is the one for you. Expanding on the Child’s Play mythology we’re introduced not only to a resurrected Chucky, but his just as deadly gal Tiffany, who knows a thing or two about love. My mother always said love was supposed set you free. But that’s not true, Chucky. I’ve been a prisoner of my love for you for a very long time.”

bride of chucky tumblr_mq1lurz1mr1s8vm12o1_500

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane – A modern slasher that tried to rely on a few new “twists”, this film is not without its faults. But it’s still a fairly good horror and one of the better ones out there about the darkness of obsession and desire.


Valentine – Probably the most well known Valentine’s Day horror, besides MBV, this slasher too only succeeds because it realizes how cheesy and ridiculous it is and just doesn’t care. It’s essentially the perfect pizza/popcorn movie if you choose to celebrate the night in with your creepy boo thang. Trivia. The movie is actually based on the thriller novel of the same name by Tom Savage.


Generic Lady Stalker Thrillers – Like, literally. Take your pick. There are tons. Swimf@n. Obsessed. Fatal Attraction. The Crush. Wicked. When the Bough Breaks. Devil in the Flesh. Devil in the Flesh 2… you get the idea.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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