Book Review – Find’M (an anthology)

Find’M is a modern, gay horror anthology by author Simon Graves. That might sound self-explanatory enough, but I mean modern modern. As in, the entire antho is based around a fictional app for gay men searching for dates and/or casual sex. Yup. It’s Grindr gone horror.


As I’ve said before, such apps and websites are popular not only with the general population, but extremely so within the gay community. Very, very few of us can claim we don’t have such things on our phones right now, or have never before. I suppose that’s why the stories in Find’M work and are fun to devour; they’re easily relatable to gay horror freaks like myself who already know just how scary setting up a hookup can be!

A great thing is how different all the stories inside are. With a single plot device (the app, Find’M) I expected a sense of familiarity to arrive in the later tales, but that didn’t happen. Graves instead was smart enough to make sure we got a nice range of stories in the book, ranging from demons to slashers to werewolves. One of my favorites was the gay retelling of a “lover’s lane” urban legend.


Most of the stories are short enough to read on work breaks or short bus rides, as I did, making the book easy to eat up. There were a few instances when I felt like some of the stories felt rushed, but it mostly worked in favor of the tales.

All in all, do yourself a solid and check some of his work out. I became a fan and I’m sure you will too.


Graves’ website, (back-splash, lastnameenvy!), has a couple short stories up for you to get a taste of his work, and he just released another anthology called Love Don’t Die, which looks to contain some sweet and spooky tales about love and loss.

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