Horror Eleganza – Vogue’s Cinematic Editorial

In April of 2014, Vogue Italia published an editorial that seemed to merge the world of high fashion and horror cinema. The photos, recalling American slashers, Italian giallos, and J-Horror, involved women fleeing from a killer and then one apparently fighting back and killing him. So why was there controversy? 

Well, apparently the editorial was designed as a supportive, fashionable artistic gesture of the editors’ commitment to ending domestic violence… Or something. 

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So did the photos miss the mark with the message? Yeah, kind of. There’s a lot to be said about the characterization and invocation of a horror “final girl”, since she’s often distinctly known for her bravery, endurance, and ability to survive, but I can understand why some were confused and/or upset.

Still, the photos pack a punch (or stab). What do you think? 

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