Kill Me Anytime: Horror Villains I’d Love to Die For

Is this post simply a cheap, click-bait way to use some murderously hunky pictures and gifs of guys? Yes. But, if you’re the type of person who clicked to get here, I doubt you care. Enjoy!


Krug/John GaveneauThe Last House on the Left/Burning Bright: Garrett Dillahunt’s villains are such trashy scum, but whatever, I love it. He’s tall and hunky and if you’ve seen him in Raising Hope, you know he cleans up nice. Of course, I’d never ask him to.

post-37737-1309046466 010BBR-Garret-Dillahunt-002

Shane The Walking Dead: Shane went off the deep end, fairly quickly I’d say, but it was nice to watch him take the trip. Even after shaving off his cute curls during a psychotic break… I would’ve still hit it.


MickeyScream 2: Who wouldn’t want a hot guy who loves horror and film as much as we do!? He’d be the best date night partner! Sidenote: There should be a movie where Garrett Dillahunt and Timothy Olyphant play psychotic brother serial killers. And are shirtless all the time.


Tom HannigerMBV3D: For a murderous nutbag, Tom sure is easy on the eyes and you just know he knows all the right moves when it comes to his, um… pickaxe. He might just not be the best Valentine’s Day date…


Patrick BatemanAmerican Psycho: I mean, obviously. Can’t say I’d mind getting impaled with Patrick’s chainsaw, if ya know what I mean.


Paul and JacobThe Following: The only thing better than coming across a bisexual guy of the literary, killer cult type is coming across two of them! Just ask Emma Hill; that bitch was lucky enough to have a threesome with these sociopathic studs.

tumblr_mhqqw5bCKy1qgpm7vo1_250 FollowingEp572

DriverNo One Lives: Tall, dark, handsome, deadly. I don’t think I’d really mind too much if I was kidnapped by this guy. He may have killed everyone I know, but…

no-one-lives-picture05 20131008_756369

David CollinsThe Guest: Of course, I couldn’t ignore the latest psychotic hottie on the genre scene. He may be the most lethal killer on this list, but I still can’t think of many folks wouldn’t let this hunk into their home.


Like my Horror Hunks Who Should Have Lived post, this is the beginning of a new recurring series for the blog. So, do you have any suggestions for some bad boys you wouldn’t mind getting strung up by? Drop me a line and keep an eye out for them the next time around!


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