Horror Eleganza – Ryan Murphy’s Retro ELLE Horror Story Shoot

A couple years ago, after GLEE was going strong and American Horror Story exploded with popularity, Ryan Murphy (the shows’ creator) teamed up with ELLE, various fashion houses, and some of his leading ladies to pay tribute to the great horrors of yesteryear.


Clad in CK, Dior, D&G, Prada, Chanel, among others, the women shot reenacted scenes from some of the most beloved horror films. The result is simply perfect. Take a look for yourself and see if you can guess all the films correctly!

tumblr_lzpvbwzsGK1qm0s3ho9_500 05-ELLE-jayma-mays-horror-fashion-murphy Ryan+Murphy+Horror+Movies+Elle+Magazine+1503-ELLE-kate-mara-horror-fashion-murphy  01-ELLE-lea-michelle-horror-fashion-murphy-0112-01 02-ELLE-dianna-agron-horror-fashion-murphy-0112-02 naya-rivera-17 07-ELLE-connie-britton-horror-fashion-murphy-0112-07

Need more? Watch here as the ladies talk about their favorite horror films and give us a scream!



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