Gay Horror Short – Bug Chaser

Bug Chaser ( is a gay horror short from a couple years back that packs a big, pus-filled punch. It’s body horror done well on a limited budget and the context and substance behind the story is just as big as the mysterious growth on poor Nathan’s ass.


In short, the story is about a hookup interrupted after a disturbing sore is noticed on Nathan’s anus. He mission aborts, heads home, and then does something even I’m guilty of doing when discovering a strange symptom or spot: throwing my hands up “Fix it, Jesus!” style and letting WebMD be my doctor. This speaks not to how awash our generation is with easy access to the world via wifi, but rather the shame and stigma people still feel when the thought of them having a STD comes up. They’re so afraid of it being true that they even put off going to a doctor to confirm it! Yup. Even when the sore gets worse, Nathan simply just tries to get rid of it himself (with a needle!) and ignores the advice a medically inclined friend gives him.


There’s a couple different kinds of STD myths addressed here though, at least that I picked up on. One is that ridiculous notion that you can tell if someone has an STD or not just by looking at them. Though 100% untrue, that idea is still prominent with the uninformed. Backing up this notion is the cruel idea that some people actually deserve to get STD’s as a consequence for their lifestyle and behavior… and I’m not simply talking about being gay.

Again, admittedly, I am guilty of the latter. When I hear about people “chasing the bug” or having unprotected sex, one of my first knee-jerk thoughts is, “Oh well, that’s their own damn fault.”

I’m very much a ‘reap what you sow’ type person and probably always will be. So when I see Nathan’s disgusting apartment, his drab clothes, his self-destructive attitude, and his phone o’ hookups contact list… I’m just over here like, “Um, yeah! No wonder.” Even without the disgusting close-ups of his ass growth, I (only slightly shamefully) can say I’d expect someone who lives life like Nathan does to definitely have one bug or the other.


Bad trait to have? Probably, but I can speak to it so easily because I know I’m not the only one out there who thinks this way. And to have a short film like Bug Chaser make me think about the way I think? Well. That’s some good storytelling.

In the end, there’s a quick turn-around that kind of negates the whole short, which I didn’t like, but I guess you could chalk it up to the fear some of us have right before having that one night stand. That extreme, worse case scenario we conjure up whenever we know we’re engaging in some riskier behavior.

Anyway, check the short out. It’s full of up-close nudity, most of it grossified by some sweet practical effects, but if you can handle cocks and body horror, you shouldn’t have a problem here. 

Stay safe!


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