Gay Horror Movies – You Belong To Me

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You Belong To Me is exactly what the title makes it sound like. A Lifetime, made-for-TV, 90’s drama-thriller. This is despite the fact that it is gay-orientated, was made in 2007, and who knows if it ever actually aired on Lifetime.

The film isn’t bad, our lead (Daniel Sauli) is a good hunky actor, and multi-genre screen legend Patti D’Arbanville is always fun, but it definitely is a little too slow moving for my tastes, and I normally love dark dramas that explore the complexities of human emotions and behaviors.


Story is that Jeffery has the hots for Rene, a fling of his who doesn’t want to be anything more than casual. This sets Jeff into a funk that literally leads up to him stalking and then renting an apartment in the same building as Rene. This behavior aside, there’s the quick discover that Jeff’s new pad comes with strange noises coming up from his floorboards, missing tenants, and a strange landlady that seems to just always be… there. Included in the rent price, of course.

Now, I’m one of those people who tries to avoid spoilers when I can, except for under one context. And that’s if the film in question straddles that middle ground of “Should I or Shouldn’t I Watch This?” So, reader beware, you’re in for some spoilers.


Basically, Gladys the landlady is a nutbag who kidnaps full grown gay men who remind her of her own long gone gay son. The apartment she’s been renting was, you guessed it, the one he used to live in. Nothing ground-breaking plot-wise, but with enough suspense and strangeness, the film could have been fun. Sadly, there was none.


The biggest issue besides the pacing of the film is how vulnerable and weak Jeffery seems to be. After he’s kidnapped, he does little more than scream and hide under a bed like a disobedient child. For more than a few scenes I was confused as to why he didn’t just over-power Gladys and take her out, which he could have easily done. Sure, her hench-husband or whatever was a strong foe, but taking her out would have definitely helped him earlier on in the situation.


There’s also some nonsensities that are hard to overlook. Like when Jeffery struggles a little too long and hard with a window that falls back on him after he opens it. And when a hospital releases him to his captors after he tells them of his plight. Oh, and to end it all on a flat note…

Oh, did you expect more? Well, that’s how I felt about the movie. It was like someone hacked off the last 5 minutes of the movie. So aggravating.

Anyway, as far as thrillers of this style go, You Belong to Me isn’t the best or the worst. The action could’ve been amped up a bit and, honestly, so could of the blood, suspense, and crazy.


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