Horror Eleganza – Lord & Taylor “Killer Fashion”

In 2009, Details magazine, fashion brand Lord & Taylor, and Showtime collaborated in order to stage an event that would call attention to the upcoming 4th season of the hit horror series Dexter.

dexter-leadin gI_Picture2.png

The promotion would eventually include fashion prize packages, complete with previous seasons of Dexter on DVD, as well as a grand prize to head down to the killer’s home city of Miami for a weekend getaway. 

Naturally, there was some minor negative feedback about the event, with various groups and persons believing it promoted violence, specifically against women (since only a woman is shown as the victim in the press shots). 

Picture4 Picture7 Picture5 Picture8 Picture3

The window displays seemed more toned down however, instead simply just mimicking themes and scenes naturally found in the show each season; from suspect lineups to crime scenes to a “family” set-up complete with a butcher’s knife stabbed into a pie. 

3962071977_957bdaaa09_o            3962066091_4f68054a0a_o 3962843648_76d0711779_o

Clothing seemed not to have been specifically made for or cross-branded with the show, but rather just part of Lord & Taylor’s preexisting seasonal collection. 


And who ever said fashion couldn’t be murder? 

(Thanks to loquat73’s own blog post about the event, and for capturing the window displays).


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