Gay Horror Movies – Perversion

In 2008/9, Perversion was shot as an indie, gay-orientated horror with almost no budget. It came from Chris Moore of (a review site), and is a great introduction to his style and talent, which is perfect because he is currently working on more releases.

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The story follows Ryan McNamara, a handsome young man who is pretty much all kinds of messed up. Thanks to a tragic and traumatic past, he’s now a nearly full-fledged agoraphobic suffering from freaky nightmares… oh, and he may have some stalkers out there intent on terrifying and torturing. Oh, and they may or may not be all in his head?

The plot makes great use of some of humanity’s most natural and primal fears; night terrors, the complexities of our own minds, creepy neighbors, strangers at the door. All are stacked up nicely to add suspense to the film. And because they’re piled onto the already tortured Ryan, you can’t help but feel for the kid and hopes he is able to battle his way into final guy territory.

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Naturally, with such an indie effort, there are minor hindrances. The lighting (or lack thereof) made it difficult to see things, the pacing needed some tightening up, and dialogue delivery the same, but this all comes from the “working with what you have” indie-film realm that most great filmmakers begin in. The admirable and enduring efforts of those involved with the movie, especially Moore who wrote/directed/scored/edited/starred, help the viewer see past these minor annoyances and appreciate was was done well rather than hate what wasn’t.

The gay aspect of the film is sometimes highly noticeable (lingering shower scenes, sexually vulgar phone calls), but never came across as a driving force of the movie. I don’t even think I once heard any of the character’s mention Ryan being gay, so I couldn’t even say for sure if the character was. This non-verbal stance makes it more of a horror film with gay elements, rather than a “gay horror”… which is neither a good or bad thing so don’t read too far into the statement :p

As I mentioned before, Moore has other films coming soon and I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for them. With Perversion having been so enjoyable for a micro-budget flick, it stands to reason his work can only get better.

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