Horror DILFS!

Sure, I should be mostly recognizing June as Pride Month, but let’s not forget it’s also the month in which Father’s Day falls, and you know this boy loves a hot daddy!

Wait. What? That’s not what the holiday is about? Pft. Forget that. Around here it’s whatever I say it is. So help me celebrate Pride and honor Father’s Day at the same time by joining me in this showcase of hot horror daddies!


John Coleman Orphan: Yes, Esther/Leena was fully off her rocker (and meds), but could you blame her for trying to get it in with her new daddy? Had she and I switched places, I don’t know if the movie would have been any different.


Don ThompsonA Nightmare on Elm Street: Lt. Donald Thompson was Nancy’s self-sacrificing dad… and what a daddy at that! I’m all about a good looking guy in uniform, but the brawn he puts into battling Freddy definitely kicks him up to the ultimate “horror hero hunk” status.


Tom WitzkyStir of Echoes: I’m a sucker for a guy in jeans and a black tee, and I swoon for a dad who still knows how to kick back with a beer and rock out. And personally, Stir of Echoes is where I think Kevin Bacon hit peak studliness. Unf to the max.


Louis CreedPet Sematary: Dr. Creed had many things going for him. Brains, a good head of hair, a nice body… I’d normally scoff at moving to a house in the middle of nowhere next to a highway, but if he ever did ask me… Well, I’m not exactly available, but let’s still discuss.

petsematary-01 pet-sematary-dale

Bruno Hamel7 Days: Yup. Another hot doctor dad. A surgeon to be exact. Dr. Hamel gets extra points though because some of his revenge is done in a nice, tight white shirt.


John CollingwoodThe Last House on the Left: You can handle another hot doctor dad, right? Good. Because Dr. Collingwood is one who’s smart, sexy, and unafraid of exacting primal revenge. What’s not to swoon over?


Ben HarmonAmerican Horror Story-Murder House: Despite being a therapist, Ben had MOUNDS of personal problems and baggage. While that is an extreme turnoff, he was also EXTREMELY hot, proving my shallowness knows no bounds.


Josh LambertInsidious: I couldn’t imagine living next door to Mr. Lambert. He’s hunky, handsome, and knows how to work a frightful, brooding face. I’d always be creepin! Although, after him and Tom from Stir of Echoes, I think I’d have had my fill of hot psychic men with creepy baggage.


Rick GrimesThe Walking Dead: Reigning hot horror daddy, so bow down. Or kneel. Whatever is easier on you. Just keep an ear out for walkers. 


Well horror fiends, hope this post got your loins a burnin’, because I have a feeling there’s tons more hunky horror daddies out there for me to objectify. That’s right. Another MMG series I plan to continue, along with Horror Hunks Who Should Have Lived and Kill Me Anytime! Suggestions welcomed!


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