Horror Eleganza – The Blonds Classic Horror Inspired Fashion Show

The Blonds – a fashion design team which includes a cross-dresser – have created runways seemingly inspired by everything from Catwoman to 70s-era Playboy, and have made outfits and clothes for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and even Barbie. That sentence alone should give you a good idea of what their creations may normally consist of. The beautifully weird. The outlandishly striking. Couture of the curious.


Their Fall 2013 show however, was a horror fans delight. Inspired by genre classics like Psycho, The Birds, and The Shining, with styling similarly blessed by Hitchcock, models strolled down the runway in knives, blood, and straight jackets. Well, eleganza versions anyway.


18eun7oy8grkjjpg 18eun7mzanabojpg

Here are a few select pictures to sweep you away into a land of dark fashion, but if you crave more, you can follow this link to view more pictures of the collection. http://bit.ly/1Ncbxnd

18eun7d40vuo4jpg 161609513_10-419x628 161609511_10 18eun7h24mnwmjpg 18eun7d455714jpg




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