Gay Horror Short – Heels

Heels is a horror short from director Jeremy Jantz, who also owns and directs a genre festival here in Portland called PDXtreme Fest. It’s somewhat of a gross-out of a short, but it’s also a classic horror tale nicely retold.


The story centers on a man with what is seemingly an innocent kink; high heels. But quickly, it’s revealed that he’s into a bit more than some pink stilettos.  Because it’s a short, I can’t talk much more about the plot, but I’m sure you can gather some guesses from the trailer below.

The short is effective because it takes a fairly simple story-line (it’s weird what a horror fan can consider simple haha), but elevates it in fun, campy style and against an 80’s synth-retro soundtrack that fit the characters perfectly. I definitely got a small hint of John Waters horror here.


The short has screened at the Sacramento Horror and Boston LGBT Film Festivals and is currently still making the rounds elsewhere. You can keep up with the short here and watch out if it’ll be playing near you anytime soon! 

In the meantime for me, I’ll just be keeping an eye out for more of Jantz’ work and productions, which I’m sure to find later this year at PDXtreme (! Til next time horror fiends! 


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