Kill Me Anytime 2: More Horror Villains I’d Love to Die For

We all love a bad boy – that guy you can’t take home to Mom – but the hunks on this list go a little beyond just bad. They’re sadists. Cannibals. Werewolves. But don’t they deserve some love too?


Reverend Lowe – Silver Bullet: Since my first viewing, I’ve always been attracted to this bad guy, and religious fanatic/werewolf serial killers aren’t even usually my type. I think the eye-patch helped… somehow…

silverbullet1 0990

Tex Sawyer – Leatherface: TCM 3: Probably my favorite Texas Chainsaw sequel, it also has one of the hottest redneck cannibal hunks I can think of. (And there’s more than a few.) The scarf, the scruff, and the pure insanity Viggo Mortensen gives the character just all work. I think I could survive a night with that.

vigtex3 Tex_sm129

Vilmer TCM: The Next Generation: Told you there were more hottie redneck cannibals. And the Texas Chainsaw boys take up a couple spots. In this trashy sequel/requel, a guilty pleasure of mine, Matthew McConaughey takes Viggo’s place as head cannibal in charge… and I wouldn’t feel guilty about that pleasure one bit.

TCMVilmer_1200_682_81_s renee-zellweger-matthew-mcconaughey-1994-1997-texas-chainsaw-massacre-the-next-generation

Dracula – Waxwork: Though it was only a small bit in a larger film, I always dug the Dracula segment of Waxwork. And I particularly enjoyed how scruffy and handsome this incarnation of the Count was. Insert sexy vampire sucking joke here!


JerryFright Night: You might be thinking I’m obviously talking about the original Jerry played by Chris Sarandon, but alas, I’m not. Just wasn’t my type. That Irish hottie Colin Farrell though… yes please. Insert second vampire sucking joke here.

tumblr_mbwup8auWb1rtzlzf 54197

FrankHellraiser: For most of the flick, Frank was a sadistic, skinless, tormented man on the run from Pinhead and the rest of the Cenobites. But when he had skin, he was kind of hot in that sweaty, gruff, scruffy 80s way. 

hellraiser1 - frank cotton

J.P. Monroe – Hellraiser III: Speaking of sexy sinners who stumble upon the demonic puzzle box, JP was one of the first horror men I can remember stirring my loins. And to this day, I’d let him show me his world of dark desires.

kevin-bernhardt usethisone MV5BMTUwODk1MTE1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE1ODk5MzE@._V1_SX640_SY720_

Until the next batch of horror hunks, boils and ghouls! And don’t forget, drop off your own suggestions in the comments below. xoxo


One thought on “Kill Me Anytime 2: More Horror Villains I’d Love to Die For

  1. Good list. I remember watching Near Dark multiple times because I couldn’t take my eyes off of Adrian Pasdar. The same with Thom Matthews in Jason Lives. My dream would have been to marry Matthews and keep Pasdar as my pool boy.


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