Horror Eleganza – Tyler Shields

Since my last post was a review covering the well done meta-horror-noir flick Final Girl, I decided to keep close to the material for this current installment of my Horror Eleganza posts by showcasing some of Tyler Shields’ work.
abigail_breslin Final_Girl_poster

Shields directed Final Girl, which I personally really enjoyed, but he’s more widely known as a celebrity photographer and artist. His work often features young celebrities in horror-centric shoots, with blood, blades, and fangs galore. Aside from the celebs you’ll see below, he’s also worked with scream kings and queens Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Jaime King, and Sara Paxton.
o-ABIGAIL-BRESLIN-ALL-GROWN-UP-570b alexander-ludwig-shirtless lindsay-lohan-knife
1305390635_z5 Michael-Trevino-and-Lindsay-Lohan-Tyler-Shields-michael-trevino-21926958-500-333
Zachary-Quinto-Tyler-Shields-2010-zachary-quinto-18693832-1280-7201 8fa725be16deec07297c9157812c7bdf

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