Gay Horror Book Reviews – Lee Thomas

Lee Thomas is an openly gay fiction (often horror) author who, though I’d heard of him before, I was introduced to by Lethe Press – a great publishing house that is home for a lot of great queer horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and romance authors.


The first book of Thomas’s that I dove in to was probably his most popular, a historical horror novel called The German. Taking place in a tiny Texas town in the midst of still raging World War II, a serial killer utilizing Nazi imagery is murdering young men. Naturally, current worldly affairs set neighbor against neighbor and at its mercy are a young boy, the town Sheriff, and an ex-pat with a dark past and possibly darker resurrection. The novel, though somewhat slow I thought, was filled with fully-fleshed characters and would definitely appeal to anyone interested in not only horror or mysteries, but historical fiction as well.


The second book I broke open was an anthology actually, and I really enjoyed it. Like Light For Flies is filled with short stories where Thomas shows his range as an author, from black comedy comeuppance tales to downright eerie horror, there will be something in this collection for every kind of reader. My favorites include The Butcher’s Block, which takes the reality of ageism within gay culture to the extreme, and Inside Where It’s Warm which was a refreshing zombie tale in the never-ending sea of many. Fine in the Fire also demands attention; a sad, yet horrific tale that can sadly be the reality for someone out there, somewhere.

Soon, I’ll have to get the novel Stained, Thomas’s debut yarn which others have promised me is thrilling and chilling. And for anyone interested in getting their own claws on some of his work, you can start here, at – and feel free to browse from there. They have tons of authors and genres to chose from.


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