A Few Tales of Queer Fear

First off, sorry for the super light posting status that has continued on since last winter. Life threw me and the fiance several curveballs and, until recently, we’ve been playing catch up with everything. Thankfully, things are mellowing out for us and we’re getting back into the groove of… basic living?


Anywho, I’ve got two tales to mention, from a couple of gay horror authors that I’ve had the pleasure of reading before; Boys, Bears, & Scares runner Daniel Kelly and hunky author Simon Graves!

I read Mr. Kelly’s novel and novella, Wet Screams and Scream Queen respectively, first. Both take place in his fictional world of Comfort Cove, a supernaturally energized town full of homos and humanoids, and both stories are… wild. I know, I know. What a terrible descriptor to use. But it’s hard to pinpoint the author’s style. Gay-horror-black comedy-bizarro-supernatural romance-erotica? Yeah, I think that about covers it genre-wise. Take for instance the novella, Scream Queen. In it a bunch of ‘mos, trannies, and lesbians find that they’re being stalked around Halloween by a masked stranger. You may think this is standard slasher fare, but NOOOOOPE. There are dildos abound, the stalker wears gimp leather gear, and the characters are queer-bent caricatures of popular horror killers and icons. Told ya. Wild.


The longer novel of the combo, Wet Screams, dials back the slapstick comedy somewhat, but still remains highly erotic and spookily strange as an astral projectionist and his mentors/friends investigate a coven that may or may not be harboring a cruising-by-full-moonlight werewolf. Definitely parts had me rolling my eyes at their “over the top-ness”, but plenty of times I giggled to myself like a preteen with a pornmag. Which I feel is a totally normal reaction to a story about an often horned up astral-projectionist and werewolves who describe their transformations as amplified boners.

God, what I wouldn’t give to see some of Kelly’s tales brought to life in some 80’s porn horror flick.


The second tale, a short from Simon Graves, I actually didn’t even read at all. I listened to it! I got the download of Happy Anniversary off Audible (Amazon, compatible with Kindles obviously) – which was exciting to me because I only recently got into listening to novels and stories through audiobooks. I’d always thought recorded stories would be more boring than whatever voice I’d conjure in my head by manually reading, but I’ve been proven wrong time and time again – with Happy Anniversary coming in as the latest example. The narrator, Noah DeBiase, vividly recites the tragic story of a man following his possibly unfaithful lover and gives it equal measures of passion and sadness. Definitely a short worth listening to, with a Twilight Zone-esque twist ending I didn’t expect!

I really hope you check out these authors, especially as they represent the broad range of queer horror you can find out there if you search hard enough – or just go here for easy access: http://danielwkelly.com/ https://www.facebook.com/GraveWriting/

Gay horror is no longer hiding in the shadows folks; just the monsters within it!


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