Horror Hunks Who Should Have Lived – pt 3!

There’s nothing worse than the death of a hard, hunky man, but sadly, in the horror realm, it’s an often occurrence. So let’s wander down memory lane together and remind ourselves of the hotties we’ve lost along the way.

NovakPiranha 3D: Adam Scott played a hunky nerd in Piranha, not a stretch as he’s played the cliché before, but it didn’t make his last minute exit any less unfortunate. And let’s face it, the shitty sequel Piranha 3DD could’ve used him to have some sort of saving grace.


Roger – Dawn of the Dead: Easy going, zombie apocalypse survivor Roger was part of a good team, but the world of the dead is a dangerous one. One little love bite on the leg sealed his fate, but even once those cards were dealt, Roger handled his situation like a real man, making us care for him all the more once he finally succumbed to the disease of the dead.


Captain SpekeWorld War Z: You’d be forgiven for not remembering him, but remembering the ‘body count’ hotties of horror movies is something I happen to excel at. And this bearded military stud is a great example of just how casually wasteful the genre is with its men.


Tommy RossCarrie: Oh, Tommy; the shaggy blonde with a good heart. Sue was lucky enough to have found such a guy in high school, because lord knows we all just found the losers, but his fate was sealed once he asked Carrie to prom. His death was not only sad, but surprising too when you consider what a great guy he’d been.


MichaelDawn of the Dead 2004: Well, it seems I unintentionally wound up with a lot of zombie bitten hunks this time around, but hey. Who’s complaining? Michael was daddy af and was a crazy perfect combo of brave, protective, capable, and smart.


Tom & TommyNight of the Living Dead 1968 & 1990: I can’t include one without adding the other, because honestly both incarnations were equally cute in the boy next door way. Black and White Tom was soft-spoken, rational, and had good arms, and In Color Tommy was an adorable, yet dumb, redneck. Too bad they both wound up crispy snacks for the living dead!

EricEvil Dead: Curiosity killed the cute nerdy type who decided to read from the Necronomicon. And damn, it killed him hard. Poor Eric seemed hellbent on surviving the ordeal there in the woods, but a hunk can only loose so much blood!


So there’s the third crop of dead hotties folks, and trust, I’ve already got another batch ready for another future post. Til then, shoot me you own favorite lost men of horror! Maybe they’ll be in a future memorial post!



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