The Perverted Shorts of Armando Munoz

Eek Entertainment is the production company birthed by the wonderfully sick, twisted, and perverse (these are compliments) Armando Munoz. Mainly creating short films of varying lengths, he pushes the boundaries in almost every second of every scene. You will be uncomfortable. You will hate that you keep watching. And you will grin like a dummy the entire time.


The Killer Krapper

Imagine, if you will, a low-budget John Watersesque short about a possessed toilet. One that gets a taste for blood. And… um… that’s it. That’s what the 8 minute short is. Not really anything that vibes with me, but it’s played plenty of festivals and even won some awards, so the audience for Killer Krappers exist!



A foam-faced Nosferatu stalks a woman at night, but he’s after more than blood. He’s there to tantalize, torment, disgust, and pervert her very soul! This black-and-white short stylistically reminds us of a time lost to the horror genre, but is no less funny and vulgar than any other of Munoz’s films. As I watched, a smirk crossed my face with each gag… and then I stopped smirking when I found myself eerily unnerved by the short, proving even a comedic horror-inspired short can be effective in the middle of the night.


The Terrible Old Tran

Probably my favorite of all of Munoz’s shorts, which isn’t surprising since the Lort knows I love it when bad, pervy things happen to men. This story follows three burglars who intend on robbing the home of a man who may or may not have a tentacle cock. A very 80’s midnight movie vibe with this one!


Panty Kill

A very Halloween-ish slasher short about a killer with a panty-covered face. The perv, at first, just seemingly wants to be a freak and rip up some chicks undies, but turns out he’s just as bloodthirsty as any other slasher. Oh, also, he has a nice cock. That’s a part of the story. Because of course it is.


Mime After Midnight

A woman misses her night bus home and then encounters a strange mime on the sidewalk. At first she indulges him, but when the mime takes her insults to heart, the short quickly dips its toes into comedic slasher territory. Fans of the love it/hate it VHS Viral segment, Dante the Great, will love this kooky horror tale.


Munoz is definitely a perverted filmmaker, but a talented one as well. Through gags and gross-outs, he creates visual art, and that’s so important in a genre climate when many people delve into the industry merely to make a quick buck, or forget that they are artists first before filmmakers.


Right now these shorts can be caught at selected festivals, and you can keep up with Munoz at and at

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