Kill Me Anytime pt 3 -Even More Horror Villains I’d Love to Die For

So, Thanksgiving just passed and I had time to reflect on all the things I’m thankful for. Family. Friends. Health. Eggnog. And, of course, hunky and handsome horror villains! So join me as I spread some holiday cheer with a third round of Horror Villains I’d Love to Die For!


Negan – The Walking Dead

His (live action) character is relatively new in the horror genre, but there’s no ignoring just how seductive and dangerous Negan is. His swagger, his arrogance, his grizzled face, his cocky smile, those snug low-rise jeans. And of course, his big, thick, swinging… bat.


Dracula – Dracula 2000

This is probably Gerard Butler’s most awkward phase of his acting career. And while I can’t say I’m a fan of his dark, stringy hair, I am a fan of those fangs.


David & The Lost Boys – The Lost Boys

David makes me the blood-thirstiest, but I don’t think I’d say no to any of the other boys in this rowdy group either. Again, the long hair isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but at least it compliments the rock-metal 80’s vibe these vamps ride on.


Ivan & Slick – Hobo with a Shotgun

It’s no secret I love douchey yuppie bros, but they’re all basically just human versions of puppies; dumb and cute. Ivan and Slick are psychotic and twisted, but at least they wear black and have some sexy jawlines.


The Collector – Demon Knight

I’ve never really found Billy Zane attractive except for in this film, and I’m certain that his demonic cockiness has something to do with that fact. The cowboy hat and duster may have also helped.


The Torn Prince – THIR13EN GHOSTS

It takes some imagination, but if you picture this gory, ghostly greaser as he might have been alive… you know he was just dreamy. Here, I’ll even help you with the visualization with a picture of the hottie actor who played him! (Craig Olejnik)

Daniel Robitaille – Candyman

This movie is what spawned the frequently used phrase, “tall, dark, and handsome”. I’m 100% sure of it. Extra points to the Candyman for knowing how to work a pimp coat so effortlessly.


So there you have it. A third heaping helping of the ultimate bad boys you can’t just help but love. Sure, they might kill you just as soon as they would kiss you and smack you on the ass, but wouldn’t it be well worth the risk?


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