Horror Hometown Mugs!

The holidays are in full swing now, and so I figured it was finally time to make an “official” announcement about a pet project of mine; HORROR HOMETOWNS!


Horror Hometowns are simple designs I’ve created in order to fit onto coffee mugs. I was inspired by Starbucks’ ‘You Are Here’ mugs for various cities and, horror geek that I am, really wanted ones for my favorite fictional towns. So I began creating them, just for fun, and setting the designs up on a Zazzle store – http://www.zazzle.com/midnight_movie_gay . Lo and behold, others seemed to like them too and I was able to sell a few!

Currently, I have designs for Camp Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th), Haddonfield (Halloween), Woodsboro (Scream), Springwood (Nightmare on Elm St.), Perfection (Tremors), Antonio Bar (The Fog), Briarville (Ernest Scared Stupid), East Travis County (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Bedford (Black Christmas). So far, those who have purchased from my Zazzle store have seemed to enjoy their designed mugs and that thrills me!

THE GIST: I am working on many other designs, so that eventually there will be a large collection of Horror Hometowns for people to pick and choose from. Future plans are set up for Poltergeist, 30 Days of Night, Critters, Jaws, and many many more. I will also be doing alternate designs for our favorite towns like Haddonfield and Crystal Lake!


And for the sake of transparency, what I get from all of this is, trust me, very little haha. I’m honestly making these just to spread some horror fandom love and nothing more. I make just over ONE single dollar for every mug I do sell and I will usually just end up putting those funds towards getting mugs of my own.

So head on over to the store folks, if you wish, and take a gander. If you see one you like and decide to buy, give me a holler and I’ll give you an appreciative shoutout! And if you don’t see anything you like, well just check back later for other hometowns to pop up!



(Finally, as a quick side note, if you sign up for a Zazzle account to get their emails, they do 30-50% off sales fairly often and this drops the price of the mugs even further.)

Thanks for allowing me this brief bit of promotion my dear readers. And I’m hoping you are having a great holiday season and I wish you well into the new year!




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