Horror Eleganza – #HORROR Fashion Tribute

#HORROR was a 2015 slasher film that received mostly mixed reviews from critics and fans. As far as slashers go, it was too “indie” and artsy and experimental. And as far as artsy, experimental horror films go, it was slightly boring and irritating. But the genre vet cast, moments of intense visuals, and actual cast of young teenage girls allowed it a rightful spot within the wide realm of horror. 


As part of its release promotion, PAPER magazine dolled up the film’s stars as some of the genre’s most iconic characters. Using designs from Screaming Mimi’s and Burberry, among others, the ladies paid tribute to the history of horror, while their new film was busy expanding it. 

ABOVE: Tayrn Manning, as Marion Crane in Psycho. Stella Schnabel, echoing Edith from Eyes Without a Face.

BELOW: Chloe Sevigny, drenched in blood like Carrie White. Annabelle Dexter-Jones, channeling Julie Christie in Don’t Look  Now. Natasha Lyonne is Repulsion. And scream queen Lydia Hurst is carrying Rosemary’s Baby. FINAL: Director Tara Subkoff, inspired by Hitchcock’s The Birds.


See the whole slide-show here! http://www.papermag.com/chloe-sevigny-horror-carrie-1484814770.html?slide=ycTJqJ


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