Horror Bromances

It took me by surprise recently to realize how tragic the trope of “male best friends” is within the horror genre. At first, I found it a fun listicle novelty. But as I rooted out some examples, I discovered that very often these horror “bromances” ended in the death of one (or eventually even both) of the men. As if the horror genre is unable to sustain a feasible, lasting, platonic relationship between two hetero men.


Then again, I could just be reading into this WAYYY to much. But still, let’s take a gander at some of our favorite genre bromances, and on the same token, recall some great horror heroes, chummy slasher pals, and final guys! 

Arnie and Dennis – Christine

The troubled, but adorkable nerd. The hunky, yet gentle, jock. The best of friends? It’s like a cliché gay porn clip, but with a lot less sex and a lot more murder via possessed cars.


Paxton and Josh – Hostel

Best bros traveling the world together, taking in each new and exciting experience each country in their path has to offer them. If only they’d avoided Slovakia… Oh well, at least the frightening ordeal gave us a nice final boy in Paxton.


Burt and Val – Tremors

They’re grizzled, sun-bleached and tan, strutting around in tight jeans, and have desert rat accents. AKA, they’re the rough daddy pals of our dreams. And hooray for surviving!


Charley and Ed – Fright Night

Social misfits (Evil Ed, a tad moreso), drawn together by their shared interest in all things weird and horrific. But there was no ignoring their intense bromance, girlfriends and vampires be damned.


Billy and Stu – Scream

The buddies who kill together, stay together! Or at least die together. And sure, Billy may have been more of a puppeteer than honest friend to Stu, but the pair were able to see through most of their murderous plans, so there must’ve been some true connection between them.


David and Jack – An American Werewolf in London

One sign of a healthy bromance is that when one bro dies, he still comes back to haunt you with sarcastic jibes and cynical moral support. Another good sign is when you can accept your dead friend’s gory, shredded face.


Will and Mark – Freddy vs. Jason

After bonding in Westin Hills, these two friends took their bromance to the next level in an effort to save lives and defeat Freddy Krueger once and for all. Sadly, Mark would not survive the showdown, but we’re certain Will will occasionally see him in his dreams.


Of course this is only the tip of the horror bromance iceberg, so I’m excited to hear what your favorites are so I can add them to a second batch in the near future! And let me know if I’m missing out on any successful examples of best buddies who survive and thrive past their horror films! 


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