MMG’s Podcast List

I couldn’t come up with a worthwhile opening paragraph. Here’s my podcast list. Um, thank you so much, enjoy!


My Favorite Murder

MFM was a podcast that boomed in the last year or so, and it’s very easy to see why. It combines the true crime stories so many people gravitate towards but also injects some slightly morbid humor to keep the episodes from crushing your soul and sense of safety. Fun! But no, it really is. Time and time again the hosts, Georgia and Karen, discuss how this brand of dark humor actually helps people cope with the horrors of the world and, as most horror fans should agree, this is the truth. 

Sword & Scale

Speaking of true crime podcasts that will destroy you, S&S is all the true crime stories, 90% less humor. It’s deep, it’s dark, it’s heavy, it’s sometimes almost unbelievable. But for many people, nonetheless fascinating. Most of the episodes, especially recently, consist mainly of courtroom interviews, 911 calls, and eyewitness recollections. Sometimes I consider this an easy, almost lazy way of putting together a podcast, but as the host can sometimes come off as preachy or arrogant, I don’t mind too much.


Shock Waves

A horror podcast from, with the hosts from the previously beloved horror podcast Killer POV. It’s three, sometimes four, industry vets and genre journalists, along with special guests they invite on to discuss film events and special anniversaries. Definitely well researched and knowledgeable, as you’d expect from the hosts, but I do sometimes feel like they forget that much of their audience probably hasn’t gone to film school or spent years dealing in the Hollywood horror circles. I sometimes can feel left out of the conversation…

The Last Podcast on the Left

LPOTL is a fairly popular podcast, but one I actually only listen to occasionally when I spy a topic I’m already interested in. The three hosts do a great job at covering a wide range of oddities and mysteries, but sometimes their bro-y, hyper brand of humor can wear on the eardrums.


Scream Queenz

A gay horror podcast, put on by excitable host Patrick, who likes to dissect films and go off on the random tangent. Is this flick he just watched bonafide queer, or just chock full of hunky hotties? These are the hard questions answered in Scream Queenz.

Screaming Queens

A UK, round table podcast similar to the above. Three gay guys, one token straight guy, all discussing horror films. I personally think 4 is too many hosts for a podcast, as I can never tell anyone apart, but the chatter is friendly and easy going. You’ll feel like you’re the quiet friend in the group as they talk about video nasties and genre favorites.


Faculty of Horror

The most recent addition to my podcast list is this film review/introspective program which is run by two very knowledgeable female horror journalists. They dig deep into the hidden themes in our favorite horror flicks and educate listeners on all the “hidden” aspects of gender, sex, and everything in between. I definitely recommend their review of The Descent.


Recently, a few of the friends I’ve made through social media have begun their own podcasts, and I figured now would be the perfect opportunity to give them a little shout out. 

The Silver Shamrock Podcast is put on by hosts Robbie and Stephen, and so far serves to discuss the horror genre through a fan’s eyes. And while it may not sound ground-breaking or original, let me just say that it is… refreshing. So many other “fan” podcasts out there wind up being nothing more than just narrated recaps of movies instead of actual commentaries and discussions. And I don’t need that. I need trivia, I need actual thoughts… and so far, SSPod seems to be achieving that and I look forward to more episodes.

The second mention, Pussy POV, is neither a true crime or a horror podcast! Crazy, right? But it’s still super fun to listen to. Two chicks, Stacey Beth and Erin, who are a pair of done-it-all, seen-it-all types who chat about things like dick pics, sex work, amateur selfie porn, and… well, so far that’s been it because they’re only 2 episodes deep. But I mean, like, those are some nice subjects to begin a new podcast with, ya know? (If you’re a male with a fragile sense of masculinity, you won’t like this one. Go cry about it.)

So there you have it! My current podcast list! Got any others you think I should check out? Want to know if I think your fan commentary podcast blows? You know where to drop me a line! xoxo Gossi— nope, Midnight Movie Gay.



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