We Interrupt This Broadcast…


I’m taking a break folks, and a much deserved one at that! Those who keep up with me through social media may already know that I am currently preparing for a big move. With a promotion opportunity for the hubby and a desire to get the fuck out of the sweaty hellhole that is Phoenix, we’re set to be back in Oregon by mid-May. I am very excited about this as it took me leaving Portland to realize how much I loved it there and how inspiring the city is for me. I truly feel that returning is going to boost my productivity and help re-unleash my creative side.

That said, this looming transition is not all coffee, rain clouds, and hot hipsters. I’ll be having to find a new job to help pay the bills, I’ll be just generally replanting my roots over the next month and, to top it all off, unfortunate family matters have suddenly become an issue.

However, though I may slow down posting here over the next couple months, I won’t be completely MIA. If you visit the blog often (thank you), but don’t follow me on any other social media platforms, I definitely want to encourage you to do so. Often times I post the films I watch throughout the week, or talk about the books I am currently reading, and find myself connecting further with horror fans by doing so. Join me!


Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their spring and I look forward to coming back with an inspiring “Post from Portland”. -MMG


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