Horror DILFS II – The Return

While June dominates as Pride Month, it also houses Father’s Day. And what better way to celebrate the two together than by highlighting some of horror’s hunkiest dads! And in case you missed the first batch, get a double dose of DILFS here: Horror DILFS! Enjoy!


Gerry – World War Z: Most horror fans dismiss this Hollywood zombie film as nothing more than a vapid money grab, but I liked it. I also like Brad Pitt, who played hero daddy Gerry who saves us all! 


Detective Del Crenshaw – The Monster Squad: I find it hard to describe the allure of this particular daddy, so I’m going to put him up without much comment. Maybe it’s because I watched the movie so much as a child, or maybe it’s because I love a man with a badge, but he easily makes my list.

Chief Martin Brody – Jaws: Yep. I’m definitely a badge bunny. And much like Det. Crenshaw, Chief Brody makes my list. Agree with me.


Andy McGee – Firestarter: Andy was kind of mental, but he also has psychic powers and some roughly handsome features. It’s not hard to imagine him mind-controlling his way into your heart.


Chase Porter – New Nightmare: This daddy didn’t last too long once Freddy finally broke in through to the “real world”, but he was a cutie and kind of adorably goofy. And as a young gay horror fan growing up in the 90’s, that crotch rub scene of his is forever burned into my memory.


Doug – The Hills Have Eyes 2006: Not only was Doug a great final guy and horror hero, but he was a hot dad too. But wait – you shout from the back – what about the Doug from the original 1977 version? Well… if you’re into late 70’s bowl cuts and excessive pornstaches, that’s up to you.


Steven Freeling – Poltergeist: Easily one of my favorite horror dads ever, whose “cool enough to smoke in the 80’s” and protective giant vibes (he’s 6’4” apparently) really help push him into DILF territory. “Ask Dad!” indeed.


So there you have it! Another full helping of horror’s greatest DILFs! Hope you enjoyed and I wish you all a very happy Pride Month and Father’s Day! 


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