Horror Hometown Mugs – Series 2

About a year ago I announced a little art project I’ve been consistently working on – my Horror Hometown coffee mugs.


You can read about them first here (Horror Hometowns! ), but the shorthand is that I began making these designs for me personally, but it turns out other people seem to like them as well! So I’ve kept on with it and love sharing them with all the other horror nerds out there.


Since my first post, I’ve gotten several more designs up. They include Cuesta Verde (Poltergeist), Grover’s Bend (Critters), Morningside (Phantasm) and Valentine Bluffs (My Bloody Valentine). The list of ones still to come include Midian, Burkitsville, and Santa Carla, among many others.


You can find all the mugs for sale here at my Zazzle shop Horror Hometown Mugs! , and follow me on Instagram (midnightmoviegay) where I post most of my mug making progresses! And a very special thank you to the folks who’ve bought one or two – or four – already! It makes me so horror nerd-happy!

xoxox MMG.


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