Gay Horror Short – Tonight It’s You

Who says Tumblr is nothing but porn!? Ok, well, it’s 98% porn, but without it, I would have never come across the intriguing screen grabs for Tonight It’s You, a gay horror short from ASPD Films!


The short quickly throws us gays into familiar territory.
A young hottie is home alone with nothing going on. So he scrolls through the pictures on a hook up app, searching for a quick way to alleviate his boredom. Soon he “connects” with a torso pic and drives out to a seedy trailer on the outskirts of town in the middle of the night. 100% creepy, but 100% something most of us have done before in the quest for some quick NSA sex.
The young man meets up with his connection, who he doesn’t believe to be the photo he saw before, but that doesn’t matter much. He’s horny, he’s still bored, and the need for release it stronger than the urge to just leave and call it all off. Again, we’ve all been here before, so no judgement. (Also, the hosting stranger wasn’t even bad looking, so…)
But the hookup quickly begins to spiral into strangeness. The young man leads our relatable hottie into a storage shed, where occult markings can be spotted in the shadows. The young man’s father later explodes from the trailer, screaming for his son to reveal himself and come back inside. Once our relatable hottie is left alone, confused and a little shaken, he attempts to leave. Before he can make it out though, the sounds coming from within the trailer tempt his curiosity and voyeurism.
Of course, he’ll never expect what’s coming…
The short is a near perfect short. It’s well-paced, well acted, and clocks in at 17 minutes; just enough time to tell the story and get out.
As a horror short, it’s a visual campfire tale. That said, it all was all a little expected. While I couldn’t predict the ending from the beginning, I could almost predict the next few minutes from whatever I was currently seeing. The short, though excelling in most other facets, offered nothing really new in terms of a story.
The studio behind this short has a few others on their youtube page and I’d recommend watching them too – in particular Tonight It’s Me. Despite the similar title, it’s neither a sequel or prequel to this horror short. Rather, it’s more of a moody romance thread between a handsome hustler and his queer “john”.
You can watch the horror short here, and follow the links to ASPD Films‘ other videos from there. Enjoy: Tonight, It’s You

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