2017 Re-Cap

Seasons greetings, boils and ghouls! Hope you’ve all had a great year! I know I have. Busy, yes, and with some bittersweet clarity, sure, but great none-the-less.

Continuous readers of this blog may have noticed that the postings were more and more infrequent this year than the past two. Partly this was because my year was kind of hectic (moving back to Portland, starting yet another new job), but it was also a little intentional. I spent some of the year going back and editing and expanding on older posts, hopefully transforming them into more insightful and well-researched articles. And then I applied these same notions to any new posts as well. So while posts became less common, I do think they became more concise and coherent and thought-provoking.

In fact, I’m almost certain they did, since this was the blog’s most visited year yet… and by no small number. Thanks to my queer-reviews of the Troma slasher Father’s Day and the Stephen King novel IT, I reached a wider audience than I ever anticipated. And most of this was thanks to those that read and shared my words, so my humble gratitude to you all.


As for the coming year, I think the biggest change is that I’m going to relax on any reviews of new or upcoming content.

While I do love helping my fellow queer creators out, it is often the most time consuming part of running the MMG blog. On top of the time issue, I’ve been trying hard to devote more energy into my own creative endeavors. So I’m hoping the time I save by un-investing in others’ works can finally begin going into my own.

What do those endeavors include? Well, I’m going to keep mum for now, but I’ve always enjoyed fiction writing and I’ve also been toying around with the notion of podcasting…


I hope you all have a great holiday and a happy new year! And I hope you don’t let the current social and political climate of the world bring you down – something I know was personally difficult for me to do this year. All the best, dear readers!



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