Gay Horror Movies – You’re Killing Me

You’re Killing Me is a black comedy from 2015, and most definitely not a horror-comedy. Allow me to elaborate on why that’s important.


In the whole wide world of genre-mixing, horror-comedy is my least favorite. Certain entries like Shaun of the Dead and last year’s The Babysitter stand out as enjoyable, but on the whole I tend to dislike movies like Tucker and Dale VS Evil, Idle HandsBehind the Mask, Jack Frost, and countless others. Disagree with me as you may, but I just do. And with this distaste for the genre blend, I sometimes pass up movies I believe exist in its realm.

Like You’re Killing Me.

The plot is simple. A homo with murderous inclinations attempts to build a successful relationship with a guy he stalk-meets outside a grocery store. Things go well for a bit, but eventually his darker urges get the best of him and the bodies begin piling up. It’s nothing new, but it’s a tried-and-true classic device that most of us still enjoy. But is it funny? Is it scary? Is it funny and scary? Well, not really, no.


Though the film obviously draws on both the horror and comedy genre for inspiration, there are no scares unless you’re terrified of fake blood and there are no LOL moments to be had. But this doesn’t mean the film has nothing to offer.

If you refuse the horror-comedy label many other reviews and articles had slapped onto the movie, and instead replace it with black comedy, you’ll find that You’re Killing Me hits its mark a little more directly. As with most black comedies, the characters within are exaggerated and campy. I found myself joy-hating the shallow, vapid, self-interested LA character tropes, and a few times I was able to internally smile and say “same.” when it came to our oddly relatable leads (the awkward serial killer and the cheerful-but-morbid type). So while I wasn’t cackling out loud or stumbling across comedy gold, I did find the movie humorous and weird enough to keep watching.

When it comes to the other bases of the film; the acting, story, production, – everything is just fine. The script could have been a little tighter, the set pieces a little more exciting, and the acting a little less improv-y (though much of the cast make their living off social media bits, so that was expected), but overall it was fine.


I can’t say You’re Killing Me will ever end up in my continuous rotation of flicks I like watching, but I do think it has its place in the expanding queer horror world and would recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in the subgenre.

Right after I tell them that it’s not a horror-comedy.


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