Queer Horror Round-Up: The Sequel

First and foremost, Happy Pride to one and all! From what I’ve seen online, through social media, and with my own two eyes, it was an exciting and proud month for the queer community at large! Surprising, given our nation’s current hateful streak, but very welcome and needed.

But beyond Pride festivities, the queer horror community has had it’s own reasons to celebrate. Read the exciting news blips below!


Queer for Fear is an online study based out of Manchester (UK) and stands to be one of the first official and thorough studies done on the queer horror community. I believe the survey will be closing soon, but here is the link if you’d like to participate! Queer for Fear!

Further more, part of the survey asked about podcasts geared towards queer horror. While I’ve listened to several for some time now, it was nice to find a full list there that gave me more to subscribe to and I’d love to spread the good word! So go and take a chance on titles like Boys, Booze, & Blood, Cocktail Party Massacre, Attack of the Queerwolf!, Dead for Filth, Ghosted! by Roz Drezfalez, Gaylords of Darkness, and Horror Queers, to name a few. Enjoy!


Unless you’ve sworn off social media this month, you’ve undoubtedly seen a few big names in the horror genre put their own weight behind Pride Month.

Fangoria, in cahoots with Fright Rags, produced a shirt featuring a rainbow-ed copy of the Fango logo. The best part? 100% of the proceeds went to the charity AIDS/LifeCycle! Then, hot on the heels of this release, magazine Rue Morgue revealed their next issue was going to be completely dedicated to all aspects of queer horror!

But perhaps the most surprising part of these announcements? That any negative commentary from homophobic horror fans was quickly buried below the overwhelming support for the horror brands and their inclusivity!


Not to be outdone, horror streaming service Shudder had an announcement of their own. After the success of the much-needed, long overdue Horror Noire documentary (which focused on the genre from a POC perspective), Shudder is now set to produce a doc focusing on horror from the queer perspective. Exciting news for sure, so long as their idea of queer horror doesn’t begin and end with only white, cis, gay perspectives. Shudder’s Queer Horror Doc in the Works!

Finally, I was able to catch a screening of an already established queer horror doc, Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street. If you don’t know of it, the film chronicles former actor Mark Patton’s experience both during and after the making of Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. Fully entertaining and insightful, it was also at times emotional, touching upon the homophobic trends of the 1980’s, which included panic surrounding the AIDS epidemic and the intense pressures put upon blossoming actors to “play” straight. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for it playing a festival or event near you, or watching for it to hit streaming services in the near future. Scream, Queen!


Welp, that’s it for now. I do have a few other articles coming in the next month so stay tuned for those! And as always, you can keep in closer touch (hehehe) with me on Twitter (@midnitemoviegay) and on Instagram (@garrettgravedust). 

Until next time! – GG 

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