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2017 NOTE: I am currently holding off on many requests for reviews or promotion, especially for novels. I am currently devoting much of my extra free time to personal pursuits and my own first novel. If you have something I could quickly share, or news that would be important to the queer horror community at large, please still contact me as I’d love to help spread the word. But until further notice, novel reviews, short articles for kickstarters, and some (not all) movie reviews are on hold. Thanks for understanding and happy new year!

Well hello boils and ghouls! If you’re on this page, you may be a horror artist/author/filmmaker/ect and may have been wondering about contacting me. I am always more than pleased to review your work and provide feedback, exposure, and reviews. I do have some notes though, so read on.


1) Preference will be given to LGBTQ people who are doing something in the horror or genre communities. I am happy to look at anyone’s work, but I’m just stating plain and clear… I will have this strong preference.

2) Be up front about what you’d like from me. If you want to give me a screener or epub of your novel, great! But if you’re hoping for a (fair, unbiased) review or a couple promotional tweets, just ask! I have no reason NOT to help out my fellow LGBTQ horror fans!

3) When contacting me, tell me about yourself AND your project(s). By now I’ve reviewed many a thing, but I want to get into the habit of reviewing/promoting the person behind the project as well. How do you identify (gay, straight, ect), how is this queer related, what else have you done, ect.

4) Most importantly, please be PATIENT with me. I have a fiance, two doggies, friends, family, a FT job, and plenty else happening that take up a huge amount of my time. This blog, which I do hope to turn into something more down the road, is something more like a hobby in my spare time, so just give me time with your work, especially novels. Thanks!


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